Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bechaara A

Two guys standing on a bus stop: A and B

A asks B: Are you married?
B: Yes

A again asks B: Do u have children??
B: Yes

Now B asks A: Are you married?
A: Yes

B again asks A: Do u have children??
A: No

B: Rush to the hospital now!!!

Why does B say this?





Because A first says Yes(haan) and then says No(nahi) that is, once haan and once naa . .
implies he has H1N1(1 baar haan, aur 1 baar naa)
So he must go for isolation facility.

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  1. Abe yeh padhne ke baad dimaakh phat jaata hai...
    itne julm matt dha yaar.